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Production 78 Blog

Continuing to add our useful resources and give informative insights into our role within the creative industry and the 300+ events we produce for our clients each year.
This page contains all our blogs from 2017...

Seasonal Opening Hours

The Production 78 office will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 21st December 2017 until 9am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

We will still be running our events through the seasonal period and offering out of hours support to customers who may require this service.

We would like to wish all our Customers, Staff and Suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Highlights of 2017 at Production 78

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone we’ve worked with this year – to all our staff, suppliers and clients… and what another busy, and varied, year it’s been!

We’ve dug out some photos to revisit just a few memorable highlights of 2017 to share with you.

Cheers to another fantastic year of quality events everyone!

Artes Mundi 7 Prize Awards 2017

Production 78 were honoured to once again work with Artes Mundi on their prize awards by providing staging and complete technical support at the National Museum of Wales.
Artes Mundi Awards 2017
Artes Mundi Awards 2017

Artes Mundi 7 Winner: John Akomfrah

Artes Mundi Awards 2017
The awards took place surrounding a formal dinner served at the National Museum and Galleries of Wales in Cardiff on Thursday 26th January 2017 – and opened the doors to 150 guests who saw John Akomfrah crowned the winner !

We particularly had a giggle at this photo of one of our sound technicians spotted on BBC Wales News strutting some interesting moves

Artes Mundi Awards 2017

Princes Trust – Popup shop

Back in March we worked with The Prince’s Trust to produce their Pop-up shop in Cardiff St David’s 2 Shopping Centre.

We fitted their window display, provided the stand holders with furniture to best sell their work, printed branding for the charity to promote their services, and supplied all technical equipment and staff needed to run enterprising workshops in store.
Princes Trust Popup Shop 2017
Princes Trust Popup Shop 2017

Popup Shop at St David's Shopping Centre

Princes Trust Popup Shop 2017

Cardiff Council and General Elections

Cast your minds back to the political drama that unfolded earlier this year.

The General Election in June, just one month following the May Council Elections - had us running around 4 counting venues all over Cardiff delivering tables & Chairs, installing stages, and branding our popular Curve lecterns for Cardiff Council like they were going out of fashion.
Council and General Elections 2017

Council and General Elections 2017

Council and General Elections 2017
Council and General Elections 2017
Tidy 2017

Tidy 2017

Arts Active Trust – Tidy! Project

Back in May this year we worked with Arts Active Trust to deliver and fully manage their unique staged performance to conclude the Tidy! Project. This performance consisted of KS1 and KS2 children from 24 schools in and around Cardiff - who demonstrated their upcycled art pieces, poetry, and music, alongside Welsh National Opera, Music Theatre Wales, and Literature Wales, at St David’s Hall.

Barber Connect 2017

Barber Blades – Barber Connect 2017

On the 3rd and 4th of June we took Barber Connect 2017 to The International Centre Telford – a bigger, venue for a show we’ve loved seeing grow year on year. Barber Connect offers a unique opportunity for Barbers and Brands to share new ideas and showcase their work with exciting live competitions taking place.
International Centre Telford
Barber Connect 2017
Barber Connect 2017
Barber Connect 2017
Production 78 were responsible for the full event design, production and management working closely with Barber Blades to support their sponsors, exhibitors and to keep the event on brand.

And this is the team that made it happen ! Celebrating on the last night of our stay at Telford – Cheers team Barber!

Check out the video below to see the highlights:

Barber Highlights Video

See you again at Telford in June 2018 Barber Fans!

ABP Cruise Terminals

In May and June this year we delivered two temporary Cruise terminals for ABP in South Wales.

The first was at ABP Cardiff for the visit of the Cruise & Maritime vessel “Marco Polo”, and the second was at ABP Newport for the visit of their ship “Magellan”

Production 78 provided all of the necessary and ancillary infrastructure associated with each port and vessel. This included marquees, power, security equipment and fencing, road signage, toilets and crew - to manage, secure, greet arrivals and organise their luggage.
ABP Cruise Terminals 2017
ABP Cruise Terminals 2017

ABP Cruise Terminals 2017
ABP Cruise Terminals 2017

ABP Cruise Terminals 2017

Nissan UEFA Hospitality and Xtrail Launch

We were also approached by UEFA sponsors, Nissan, to help produce a cup final party in Newport for celebrations surrounding the UEFA Champions League Finals and to launch the eagerly awaited 2017 version of the Nissan Xtrail.

This event included Nissan branded hospitality areas such as a 24m dome structure complete with air conditioning (…remember that hot summer we had?!), furniture, AV, lighting, sound, catering, safety equipment etc…. We also installed a football themed marquee for guests to embark onto their cruise liner hotel from.

And if that wasn’t enough, we helped the team brand an army of the new Nissan cars to transport the UEFA guests from the hositality, to the stadium and back, in time for the celebrations that evening.
Nissan UEFA Hospitality 2017
Nissan UEFA Hospitality 2017
Nissan UEFA Hospitality 2017
Costain M4 2017

Costain M4 Corridor Around Newport Public Local Inquiry

For those of you who know us well, you’ll know that Production 78 are leading providers for Planning Inspectorate hearings across England and Wales. Providing elements essential to ensuring that all individuals involved are catered for, and equipment is present to achieve the highest quality sound to hear and document these hearings.

This year we’ve supported Costain and the Welsh Government in their bid to deliver the new M4 relief road throughout the Public Local Inqiury process at the Lysaght Institute in Newport.
Costain M4 2017
Social Business Wales 2017

Social Business Wales Awards and Conference, Llangollen

As part of our Wales Cooperative framework agreement we were approached to provide complete technical support including the stage set design and build for the Social Business Wales Awards & Conference at the Pavilion, Llangollen in October.

The awards event ran three headline categories – Wales Social Enterprise of the Year, Wales One to Watch and Wales Employee Owned Business of the Year.

The winners of each category then went on to compete against winners from Scotland, Northern Ireland and England in the UK finals in November.

The conference and exhibition the following day saw a large number of exhibition stands promoting Welsh social enterprises and a number of workshops from keynote speakers including Ken Skates AM.
Social Business Wales 2017
Social Business Wales 2017
Social Business Wales 2017
Social Business Wales 2017
Social Business Wales 2017What a good looking bunch we are!
St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights

Just this month, we were invited by St Fagans to provide technical elements for their Christmas nights event inspired by tradition, running for 4 days – December 6th – 9th.

Our aim was to sprinkle plenty of Christmas magic over the St Fagans site, to fill guests with festive excitement. We did this with a huge amount of creative lighting, Christmas trees and even Christmas scents.

Thanks to Jon Turtle Photography

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

St Fagans Christmas Nights 2017

Got An Event in 2018 ?

Production 78 Ltd are here to help. Production 78 is 16 years old but between us we have decades of experience working with brands and organisations to plan events that connect emotionally, and to deliver them seamlessly. Our dedicated team put our clients’ needs first; putting to use their experience and our cutting-edge technology, with a detail lead approach.

So if you’d like to put on 2018’s event of the year, look no further for support than here. Send us your thoughts and questions to to open a conversation about what you’d like to achieve from your event and we’ll set the ball rolling from there.

Interested?... Get in touch to open a conversation and explore possibilities for your event:
Email us at or call us on 029 2143 2171.

It's Christmas Jumper Day

Even with our very busy December we have all remembered to wear our Christmas Jumpers today.

To All our Customers, Staff and Suppliers, from everyone in our office:

Have a magical Christmas and a happy 2018!
Caelwch nadolig hudolus a 2018 hapus!

Production 78 is 16 Today

It’s our birthday!! Did you know that we are the longest standing event company in Cardiff? - now 16 years old - As a person we would get a National Insurance Number, could legally fly a glider or register as a blood donor.

We could also join the armed forces, which is just what we’ve done as we’ve collaborated with The Royal British Legion to produce the thirty seventh annual Wales Festival of Remembrance.

Production 78 Join the Armed Forces to Produce the Wales Festival of Remembrance

It has been such an honour to be involved with this important event, especially considering that this year, we mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele and the 35th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War.

We come together to remember the fallen and the future of the living on Saturday 4th November at 7pm in St David’s Hall.

Join us for a special night of music, reflection, entertainment and Remembrance for our Armed Forces.

Frances Donovan hosts performances and readings from:

Simon Weston CBE
The Defence Academy Military Wives Choir
The Regimental Band and Drum Corps of the Royal Welsh
The Military Muster and Drumhead Service of Remembrance
Massed choirs including: Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir, Cor Meibion Taf, Urker Zangers Choir, Swansea Youth Choir.

Get your tickets here: St David's Hall Box Office or by calling 029 2087 8444

#PoppyAppeal #FestivalofRemembrance #CardiffPoppyDay

Passcehndaele Poppies

Make Attendee Happiness Your Priority

Aside from ensuring that your event is suitably branded and technically impressive - We understand that without attendees, there is no event - Our clients count on us to deliver the best attendee experience possible….

How do we do this? … Quality Event Management!

Event Management

Not exactly sure how it could benefit you…?

Well, event management is defined as: The coordination, planning, budgeting and management of all the people, teams, logistics and individual details which are compulsory to attendee satisfaction; legal requirements; and to the event concept; that all come together to create an event of any size. As anyone who’s planned one will know, organising an event of any size is not simple, and it carries a lot of responsibility and challenges to make sure that all guests are happy. The role requires a huge amount of administration, attention to detail and time management. Here are five reasons why outsourced Event Management support might be for you…

Be Stress Free

Stress reduction is often deemed the biggest benefit for employees when hiring an event management company. All of the liaison and preparation will be tended by them, leaving you worry-free knowing that they are on standby to manage any issues that may arise.

Past experiences have prepared Event Managers to tackle any type of surprises or situations, usually before anyone else notices; experienced event managers make it look easy and work tirelessly to create the best possible experience for their clients, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the event!
Work Smart

No Hidden Costs

Avoid hidden costs

Event management companies know the important questions to ask from the start, so that hidden venue or supplier costs will be explained and anticipated in advance, avoiding any unexpected costs when it comes to paying the final invoice.

Valuable Time

Save Valuable Time...

The success of an event depends on every element and every person involved in the project doing their job to a high standard, at the correct time and in the right place, which requires flexibility and cross-team communication; managing so many different people at one time takes skill that comes with training and experience

Outsourcing your events to a dedicated professional ensures your employees remain dedicated to their own core roles, rather than being tied up and distracted for weeks or even months organising venues, entertainment options and managing delegates.

The chances are that your team are not experienced in each area, and will therefore take significantly more time than an expert would to do the same tasks. An experienced event management company will have access to a vast array of event related suppliers, who have a proven ability in delivering their services.

Insider Knowledge

Take advantage of insider knowledge, skills and expertise

Event managers who have seen and done it all will work closely with you to suggest ideas, plug in the gaps, and make improvements based on best practices and past experiences to help you create a memorable event.

By outsourcing your event management requirements, you are buying-in skills and expertise including:
* Contacts and experience of best locations and venues for your event in your desired location
* Experience in managing logistically challenging situations, including legal issues
* Purchasing power: ability to negotiate favourable rates and payment terms on your behalf to one single source
* Multiple supplier management
* Language and cultural understanding of event destinations


Make sure you're covered !!

In today’s world it’s crucial to ensure all of the necessary Health and Safety paperwork is created for each and every event, and this can be quite a task on its own! Risk assessment of all elements of the event will be coordinated by an Event Manager, giving you complete peace of mind that all the correct documentation is provided, and that you are covered, should any incidents occur.

In conclusion...

The next time you put together an event, don’t be nervous about outsourcing event management; it does provide significant benefits including time and cost savings for your organisation while also, and perhaps most importantly, improving the overall event experience for your attendees so that they all walk away from your brand experience smiling – Therefore providing you with optimum ROI in the long run.

As Cardiff’s longest standing event company, Production 78 are industry leaders in event management – It is in our company’s DNA.

With us, you can absolutely trust that no stone will go unturned. Our enthusiastic team always expect the unexpected while prioritising your attendee’s happiness through every single detail.


What do you think?

Have you benefited from Production 78’s event management services before now? We’d love to know your thoughts - Tweet us at @Tweeter78
…Or contact us today for a no obligation chat, so we can learn a little about your event and advise how we can specifically support you with our event management expertise.

Top tips you need to know, to market your event effectively

Promoting a large event can sometimes feel like a mammoth task, but with the right tools and strategy, you’ll be guaranteed for success. In this post, our creative team have shared valuable, experience and knowledge led event marketing strategies and tools, you can use to create that important buzz around your next event.

Pre-event marketing

Before you start promoting your event, it’s important to make sure you know what your goals and objectives are – Every event will be coordinated for a purpose – What’s yours?
For some, it may be driving ticket sales for financial benefit. For others, it may be creating a buzz around a brand or product. For many, it will be both. Great event marketing needs goals to be set in advance. Make sure they’re clear across every team involved in promoting the event.
The next thing you’ll want to think about it what you want to measure and how you’ll do so. The only way to know if your approach is working is to measure performance and make changes accordingly.
This could be via click-through rates via emails, to social media impressions, engagement, paid ad performance, and more.
Finally, you need to know who your promotional efforts are targeting. Aside from existing customers, you may also want to invite future prospects and influencers.
Start to list all the different types of people who would be interested in your message. Then you can start to build up a picture of these customers. Ask yourself relevant questions about these people - Where do they live? Are they married? What places do they visit? What are their hobbies? Define them in as many relevant ways as possible – You could even give each profile type a name to make it personal. This way, you won’t waste resources on the wrong audience.

Event Marketing Plan

Once your goals and measurement tools are in place, it’s time to kick off your event marketing plan! The best way to do this is with a 360 holistic approach. This means promoting your event using various marketing disciplines:

1. Email Marketing:

Develop your communications plan for emails well in advance. Different types of emails will call for different audiences. Reminder emails to those who have already RSVP’d won’t achieve much - On the other hand, people you are still selling tickets to will require frequent updates to keep hold of that buzz. If you establish your email plan and messaging strategy ahead of time, you’ll be better set up for success in the long run.

2. Social Media:

Utilising Social media platforms with a well thought through campaign will raise the profile of your event and sustain interest across platforms during and after the event, to amplify your reach to a wide audience on the 3 key players – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Instagram also lends itself very well to telling visual stories to your followers – This could be of any visual focus points at your event, from its delivery to installation, through to it being admired by your event crowd.
To keep singular focus, it is worth setting up social media platforms specifically for your event. This also means that you can better monitor behaviours towards your event, as well as collect valuable feedback.
Make sure you set a dedicated hashtag for your event for all your social media promotion, checking first to ensure it’s not already in use.
Create and use engaging visuals, videos and animations to draw attention to your posts and tweets promoting the event. Be sure to pin any post/tweet that acts as a ‘call to action’, to register attendees onto your event as well.
You can also take advantage of promoted tweets and paid ads to extend your reach and engagement.

3. PR:

It’s easy to get too focused on your digital promotion that you forget time-tested traditional methods, like PR. Leverage your PR team to drive awareness to your event via media alerts and event listings in various business journals and newsletters. If you haven’t the team or the time – Outsource PR services – The exposure will be worth it!

4. Branded Website:

A compelling website for your event is a crucial component of event marketing. In fact, it should be the home base for all related information. Whether you host it on your existing website or build something new, the goal should still be the same. This should be where you’re driving all your promotional work, so make sure your event site includes all the necessary information to drive ticket purchases. This includes, but is not limited to, a scheduled agenda, speakers, hotel and transport information and all other activities. Don’t forget your social share buttons to help spread the excitement far and wide!

5. Leverage your existing marketing activities:

It’s important to not forget about leveraging your existing marketing activities to promote your event. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – what is important is that you work to align your activities to aid in promotion.
Add slides or event information to webinars. This way, you’re guaranteed a relevant audience who will be likely to be interested in other activities your company offers.
If you keep a blog, cater a few posts to help promote the event. Try interviewing a handful of speakers to spotlight their involvement in your event for example.
If you’re involved in, or attending other events during your promotion period, share information about your own event and encourage people to get involved - Allow for sneak peeks.
If you send out a regular newsletter, be sure to highlight your event as often as possible.
Ask your partners to help promote your event – This could be by simply sharing social media posts.
Have an email signature? Create a custom banner for the bottom of the email signatures for you, and your staff, to aid in the promotion of the event.

Promotion during the event

So the big day is here, and your event marketing has worked – Well done! You’ve got a venue full of eager attendees, but your work doesn’t stop here.
It’s crucial you continue promoting the event throughout its duration if you want to maintain that buzz.
- Keep it live, keep it relevant.
For as many people you have attending your event, your likely to have just as many who couldn’t make it, but are still interested, and it’s important to keep them engaged. It’s likely if you engage them now, they’ll be more inclined to attend next time.
There are a number of ways to do this…

1. Live post/tweet:

Have people dedicated to tweeting and posting the goings on of the event on a continual basis. They should act as the eyes and ears on the ground and report back using social media. Use pictures and live videos of the event to amplify your presence even further and engage your audience by encouraging them to share on their social channels using the dedicated hashtag - Here's a thought… Why not award the top tweeters at your event with prizes?

2. Live stream:

Take it another step further. Live streaming the most compelling (or all) content will give people who couldn’t attend, the chance to be involved and take away valuable insights. They’ll remember this experience when thinking about attending your next event. Use that to your advantage.

Post-event marketing

The event might be over but your work isn’t done, yet. It’s important to take all of your promotional efforts and close out the event in a way that can be used for future events.
You’ve likely collected a tone of photos, videos, feedback, testimonials and more during your event. These are all valuable to compile into a promotional tool for your future endeavours.
Be sure to take stock of what you have and find ways to market it.

To Conclude!

Promoting a large event is a hefty task, crossing multiple disciplines and requiring a good amount of foresight and strategic thinking.
But if you follow the steps above, you’ll be quite a few leaps closer to a hugely successful event.

Not sure where to start?... We can help!
Email us at or call us on 029 2143 2171 to make sure your event marketing plan has all corners covered for maximum ROI. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to help.

Beacon Technology

Added Value from Production 78

As events and technology have become more and more entwined, so too do we all need to push the boat that little bit more when coordinating our own events – whatever the occasion. The launch of beacon technology for events has steered a whole new era in this industry – one with much greater attendee expectations.

As one of the more recent mobile innovations emerging in the UK events industry, Beacons can focus attention onto your brand and your guests themselves, providing a bespoke experience to one and all, while maximizing user engagement like never before. Yet as Event Organisers and Marketers start to realise the value of beacons in improving attendee experiences, the full potential for beacons has yet to be tapped into.

More Efficient Networking

You only need to ask Google "Why do people attend events?" to learn that networking is a biggie! Along with education, networking and destination. In fact, a recent study suggested that 75% of all respondents of a survey reported that networking and making connections was most important to them when considering attending events regardless of the event topic.

But what has this got to do with Beacon technology? Well - it’s no surprise that leveraging beacons to sync the right people at an event has the potential for creating more memorable experiences. Networking in particular can be greatly improved by using beacon networks to show users a mobile view of other attendees, as well as venues, sessions and sponsor zones located in or near they’re location within the venue. Combine this information with tight social media integration, and even the most inexperienced networking attendees are armed with all they need to locate and approach the right people at your event, to have the right conversations.

Removing the Friction from Event Activities

Larger, more complex events can inherently be a logistical challenge for attendees. From navigating through large trade shows such as our Barber Connect Expo, to dealing with extensive queues. To streamline the registration process, beacons can be used to serve up the required information to arriving attendees before they even walk through the door. So the tedious and frustratingly familiar process of queuing at events is becoming a thing of the past!

With Beacon technology, the registration process can be automated to ensure a solid first impression, and allows attendees to make the most of their time - delivering a new level of convenience and ease.

In Conclusion

As event apps and beacons continue to emerge at leading events, its overall value is clear to marketers looking for unique ways to showcase their brands. Building on its role as a communication platform for targeting and reaching users with relevant content, beacons in the events industry shifts the focus from simple messages to providing event attendees with a totally engaging experience. Its ability to reshape how attendees interact with venues, brands, sponsors, and each other, is expected to transform the event landscape – providing you with the next mobile innovation you should consider weaving into the fabric of your own event or venue.

So where do you go to find such technology?

Look no further! After sixteen years of experience as a detail lead event management company, Production 78 Ltd know all the areas for improvement for your attendees in a variety of events from workshops to expos, to experiential events and festivals; and so we have teamed up with an equally experienced and highly-skilled web and mobile application development team. Together we have designed an all-encompassing event app supported by beacon technology - This will be the first event management portal designed to put Cardiff on the bluetooth enabled international events map!

Make sure you stay tuned as we launch and test our app at Barber Connect 2017 at the Telford International Centre this June! – And if you’re planning an event of any size, please feel free to contact us to see how our app can help your brand or venue, by affordably taking your attendee experience to a whole new level! – We have a package deal to compliment every budget.

Interested?... Get in touch to open a conversation and explore possibilities for your event:
Email us at or call us on 029 2143 2171.

A Summary of Megan Sinnett's time at Production 78

Student Work Placement at Production 78

What has Meg been up to:

Meg has become a valuable member of the Production 78 team over the last 6 weeks carrying out and contributing to every role in the events process.


Meg has seen the entire events process for a number of events that took place while she was here as well as contributing to the planning and organisation of a numebr of others that will take place after she has returned to college.

These included:

Artes Mundi 7 Awards at the National Museum of Wales

The Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorations at City Hall

The M4 Corridor around Newport Local Public Enquiry Hearings at the Lysaght Institute Newport

Client Exhibition Stands design and build for The Business Travel Show adn Confex at Olympia in London

Of her time at Production 78 Meg has said:

"I can't believe I have come to the end of my placement, six weeks have flown by! I can't thank the team enough at Production 78 for making me feel so incredibly welcome from the beginning of my placement to the end - I felt like a member of the team immediately. I feel so sad to be leaving and will miss coming to Production 78 HQ every morning!"

"I have learned an incredible amount each day since starting this placement and have gained skills that I know will benefit me in my future. This placement has also made me sure that events is the career for me and I can't wait to start my career in it when I leave college in the next few weeks. I hope I get the privilege to work with Production 78 in the future... Thank you so much for having me!"

What next...

Well Meg returns to The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff to continue her studies in Stage and Event Management. Her next teaching block will include among other things a six week module on Event Management. A number of her classes are actually delivered by Production 78 and her experience here over the past 6 weeks should help her with her presentation and paperwork. We look forward to seeing the results Meg!!

Introducing... Meg Sinnett

Student Work Placement at Production 78

About Meg:

Aged 20, Welsh, Student.

Why Production 78?

When looking at my placement options for my final year at RWCMD, I thought it was incredibly important for my future career path to undertake an external placement to gain more experience out of what I am used to. When looking at different companies to contact regarding a placement, Production 78 stood out massively for me. After spending the past three years in college purely on theatre, I have been incredibly keen to try events and with Production 78 being one of the largest creative events companies within Wales – it was an easy decision to make.

What am I hoping to gain from this placement?

Spending six weeks with Production 78 is going to help me gain skills and experience within events that I haven’t been able to gain whilst at college which will broaden my career path. I am hoping to learn the process for a range of events and how it differs from theatre. I am incredibly excited to get started and have a taster of the events industry!

Future plans

I am hoping for a career in Production Management for stage and events when I graduate RWCMD. I am also hoping to stay in Wales as I love living here – especially Cardiff as there is an incredible amount going on here.

Highlights of 2016 at Production 78

31st December 2016

Back to top

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone we’ve worked with this year – and what a year it’s been! We are so proud to have been involved with so many fantastic events again this year, so we thought we’d dig through the photos and revisit these memorable highlights of 2016 to share with you and say cheers for another fantastic year of events!

Buckingham Palace01

1. A Right Royal Performance...

Back in February we supported the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in the production of a gala concert in the Grand Ballroom of Buckingham Palace. This was our second production in the Palace and once again it involved recreating a duplicate layout of the Ballroom within the college so that the students could rehearse in advance of the event day. Here are some behind the scenes photos of rehearsals.

Buckingham Palace02
Buckingham Palace03
Buckingham Palace04

2. Creative Partnership...

In the spring, and for the third year running, we designed, built and installed The Jury’s Inn exhibition stand at Olympia, London, for both the Business Travel Show and for Confex.
Confex marked the official start of our corporate events partnership with Jurys Inn to deliver and support creative content in their 12 newly purchased and refurbished large meetings & events venues in:

Aberdeen Airport,
Brighton Waterfront,
East Midlands Airport,
Hinckley Island,
Milton Keynes,
Newcastle Gateshead Quays,
and Oxford.

If you are considering an event in or near any of these well placed locations then do not hesitate to Contact our creative events team or call us on 029 2143 2171. We will be happy to check availability and produce a complete no obligation quotation with a range of options for your upcoming event or occasion at a Jurys Inn suitable for you.

Jurys Inn01

Jurys Inn02

3. Regenerating Newport...

Since December 2015, Otium Real Estate have been carrying out major refurbishment of a large retail unit at the Newport Leisure Park which had been empty for nearly 20 years. Production 78 were asked to document this complete regeneration project with digital photography and film. The work was completed and three new tenants took hold of the keys to their new shiny premises in the Summer of 2016 – And here’s the result:

Watch us on Youtube

Richborough Project

4. Live streaming across the National Grid...

Throughout 2016, Production 78 have been supporting The National Grid and their PR agency Grayling Communications with their planning meetings for the Richborough Connection Project, a proposed high-voltage electricity link between Belgium and Richborough near Sandwich in Kent, known as the Nemo Link®. With National Gird staff and experts based all over the UK we were able to offer our brand new Live Steaming technology to prevent all staff travelling to Canterbury for every hearing. Plus those of us in the Cardiff office were able to keep tabs on our colleagues to ensure they weren’t just having a jolly!

5. M4 On Tour...

In March we worked with Costain and Vinci to produce and deliver their touring exhibition for the Welsh Government’s proposed M4 Corridor Around Newport. The full exhibition and some smaller versions toured public venues around the Newport Area and along the M4 corridor as far as Swansea to outline the proposed routes and options ahead of the public consultation which is planned to start in 2017. Production 78 provided the design and technology for a number of large format displays and our new state of the art 55inch multi-touch screen to enable visitors to get to grips with the layout and route of the new motorway.


In Parenthesis

6. In Print for In Parenthesis...

Back in May we were asked by the Welsh National Opera to produce some large format digital print for their installation at Wales Millennium Centre, to help support their security throughout the event. The poppy field installation was installed as part of their ‘In Parenthesis’ production at the Wales Millennium Centre and was in situ for 6 weeks.

7. Barbers Better Connected...

In June 2016, Production 78 produced the fourth year of Barber Connect at the Celtic Manor Resort. Bringing more barbers, more exhibitors and more live demos and workshops together than ever before, all at one huge event.
This event is a great example of Production 78’s ability to provide a complete creative event solution. Alongside designing two floors of exhibition space, we also install various demo stages and two stand-alone seminar rooms - one of which turns around into a banquet style room for the evening dinner and awards. For this event we provide production design, event management, site management, traffic management, and full delegate management. In more detailed terms, we supply every element of the event from printing and installing bespoke shell scheme panels, to collating all exhibitor health and safety documentation.
There are a few videos for you to sample the feel of the event weekend.

Watch us on Youtube
Day 1 Highlights
Watch us on Youtube
Day 2 Highlights
Watch us on Youtube
Barber Awards Highlights

Farewell Caerleon 01

8. Celebrating Caerleon...

Production 78 put on a full event production for The University of South Wales, to celebrate the campus in Caerleon as it closed its doors for the last time to all staff and students. Students and staff, old and new, returned to the landmark building to say goodbye to their beloved campus in July.
Production 78 designed and installed two live music stages one in the college bar and another in the pavilion marquee on the lawn for guests to enjoy. As well as running all the event management, catering and security to ensure the event went off without a hitch and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Farewell Caerleon 02
Farewell Caerleon 03
Farewell Caerleon 04
Farewell Caerleon 05

9. Fishcraft Champions...

Back for it’s 3rd year in Cleethorpes, last August Production 78 put on another full event production for The British Fish Craft Championships with its full weekend production. The best of the UK's fish craftsmen demonstrate their skills in a range of exciting competitions throughout the day. Open to anyone involved in the fish, poultry or game trade, the competitions test the skills that are necessary in the preparation of fish and poultry in readiness for use by the final consumer.

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10. We do Sport too...

And just to round the year off, we were delighted to support Wales biggest annual sporting celebration, the Wales Sport Awards at BBC Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff earlier this month. Working for Sport Wales and BBC Cymru Wales we delivered all the production and event management elements for this live television broadcast as well as the pre and post ceremony receptions.
Footage of the live event is available to watch again on the BBC iplayer here until the 4th January 2017.

Wales Sport Awards01
Wales Sport Awards02
Wales Sport Awards03

Wales Sport Awards04
Wales Sport Awards05
Wales Sport Awards06

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